-Val de Saire-


What You Need To Know


The Val de Saire (or Vale of the River Saire) is an area situated in the north of the Cotentin Peninsula, to the east of Cherbourg in the French region of Lower Normandy. To the south lies the Plain. It is named after the river Saire, which flows from Mesnil-au-Val into the English Channel between Réville and Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.

The region is renowned for its seafood, in particular, the oysters from around Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and Tatihou, which are said to have a nutty flavour, and for the mussels fished off the coast of Barfleur, known as Blondes de Barfleur.


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Norman (Normaund in Norman) is a Romance language spoken in continental and island Normandy. It is one of the main languages ​​of oïl. It is classified in languages ​​seriously endangered by Unesco.


The sinking of the White-Nef (White Ship) in 1120, off Barfleur, changed the course of history and allowed the Angevin House Plantagenet to gain power. The King of France could only note the constitution of a vast domain including England, Normandy and Anjou.